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The [Evolution] of Glass

angled neck magnetic water pipe


Phaze Labs

With both in-house design and engineering teams, we're meticulous about form and function. When engineering, design, and glass meet; magic happens. We want to bring that indescribable, yet unmistakable feeling of magic to you with every piece.

magnetic waterpipes angled neck and bubble neck

What is Phaze l?

We set out to solve a common problem back in 2017; broken ground joints. Fueled by a team with a passion for glass blowing, design and engineering, Phaze Labs was born. Phaze l is the culmination of several years of extensive research, testing, and development. Phaze l is only the first "phase" of our product development roadmap.

Phaze Labs MagJoint™ Technology

MagJoint™ Technology

MagJoint™ connections are airtight, watertight, and removable. They give you a perfect seal and a strong hold, while still being easily detached and removable for cleaning. MagJoints™ have been specially designed to maximize airflow velocity, giving you a perfect rip every time.