phazelabs four colored neck magnetic water pipes
phaze labs magnetic water pipes

[Modify] Your Experience

angled neck magnetic water pipe

Mag Joint™ Technology

Fully [Modular] & Magnetic

Mag Joints™ are airtight, watertight, removable, and utilize the strongest magnets on the market. Build it up, break it down, switch it up, or hide it away. Completely transform your setup in seconds with our patented Mag Joint™ technology.

phaze labs magnetic water pipe with light cobalt neck

Explore new possibilities

[Unlock] Your Setup

Created with design flexibility and customization in mind, we’ve made it simple to swap between different necks, bases, bowls, and more. Mag Joint™ technology allows for a seamless transition into any modification that fits your personal style or consumption method.

magnetic water pipe 5 piece kit

Enhancing the [Future]

Developed in Denver Colorado, by a world-class team of engineers and designers dedicated to pursuing innovation, delivering excellence, and turning ideas into reality.

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