phaze labs magnetic 5 piece set with box
magnetic water pipe clear with bubble hookah neck mouthpiece
magnetic water pipe with hand pipe and quartz dab straw attachments
two piece magnetic hand pipe bowl spoon
magnetic hand pipe bowl attachment
magnetic quartz dab straw nectar collector
magnetic quartz dab straw nectar collector tip

Phaze Labs

Magnetic Water Pipe - 5 Piece Set

Sale price$174.99

The Phaze 1 limited edition set is a versatile and convenient solution for all your consumption needs. Our fully modular design and patented MagJoint™ technology allow you to effortlessly switch between configurations, offering you the ultimate versatility.

This set is designed with the user in mind and offers unbeatable performance. From a water pipe to hand pipe, one-hitter to dab straw, this kit has everything you need. It's the perfect choice for those who want a solution that adapts to their lifestyle.

The magnetic connections are airtight and watertight, providing a strong hold and a perfect seal for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

With everything you need in one convenient package, you'll never have to settle for just one piece again. So why settle for just one piece when you can have them all with the Phaze 1 limited edition set.

magnetic water pipe 5 piece kit


Fully [Modular] & Magnetic

Phaze I offers quick and easy cleaning, disassembly, and use by featuring interchangeable magnetic joints that allow for creative modular assembly.

What makes it special?


MagJoint™ Technology

Angled Mouthpiece on Water Pipe

Easy to Clean

Light Cobalt Mouthpiece on Water Pipe

Fully Modular Design

Water Pipe 5 Piece Set Items

Magnetic Attachments

angled neck magnetic water pipe

MagJoint™ Technology

MagJoint™ connections are airtight, watertight, and removable. They give you a perfect seal and a strong hold, while still being easily detached and removable for cleaning. MagJoints™ have been specially designed to maximize airflow velocity, giving you a perfect rip every time.