two piece magnetic hand pipe right view
two piece magnetic hand pipe left view
two piece magnetic hand pipe split view

Phaze Labs

Magnetic Hand Pipe

Sale price$34.99
This is our classic hand pipe, with MagJoint™ attachments. It can be broken down into two parts for travel, storage, or cleaning. Both the mouthpiece and bowl are both backwards compatible with our water pipes.

The bubble mouthpiece was designed to provide maximum versatility. It looks great on your water pipe, and looks perfect as a bowl piece or dab straw.
phaze labs magnetic water pipes


[Modify] Your Experience

Build it up, break it down, switch it up, or hide it away. Completely transform your setup in seconds. Our patented MagJoint™ technology allows for a seamless transition into any modification that fits your style or consumption method.

angled neck magnetic water pipe

MagJoint™ Technology

MagJoints™ are specially designed to maximize airflow velocity, giving you a perfect rip every time. The magnetic connections are airtight, watertight, and removable. They give you a perfect seal and a strong hold, while still being easily detached.