14mm Funnel Bowl
14mm Funnel Bowl

Phaze Labs

14mm Funnel Bowl

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This minimalist clear glass flower bowl is the ideal companion for our 14mm Magnetic Adapter.

Its funnel design ensures a consistent burn and is complemented by a convenient handle for simple maneuvering. This funnel style glass slide features a 14mm male joint made from clear, durable, thick glass to withstand the test of time.

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[Modify] Your Experience

Build it up, break it down, switch it up, or hide it away. Completely transform your setup in seconds. Our patented MagJoint™ technology allows for a seamless transition into any modification that fits your style or consumption method.

What makes it special?


MagJoint™ Technology

Angled Mouthpiece on Water Pipe

Easy to Clean

Light Cobalt Mouthpiece on Water Pipe

Fully Modular Design

Water Pipe 5 Piece Set Items

Magnetic Attachments

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MagJoint™ Technology

MagJoints™ are specially designed to maximize airflow velocity, giving you a perfect rip every time. The magnetic connections are airtight, watertight, and removable. They give you a perfect seal and a strong hold, while still being easily detached.